Taking its roots and principles in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the plant-based cleansers of Dr.Enzyme differ fundamentally with common soaps. Dr.Enzyme’s approach to cleansing is a paradigm shift. The common soaps use ingredients like sulfates as cleaning agents. They clean effectively, unfortunately, the moisture and microbiome of our skin and hair is stripped in the process, disrupting the healthy metabolism.

Dr.Enzyme’s cleaning agents are alive.

“Live plant enzymes cleanse mindfully while supporting the skin and hair’s health and balance, restoring and regenerating our natural microbiome and barrier.”

The plants undergo a fermentation process of six months to one year, and are combined with hints of essential oils that serve for each product’s unique formulation. 


One could be unexpectedly surprised by the delicate, subtle scent of Dr.Enzyme’s secret herb cabinet. With the holistic approach of TCM philosophy, we offer products from personal cleansers to skin and scalp care, as well as home care, bringing an overall harmony in the experience of cleansing and revitalizing.


Dr.Enzyme’s origin dates back to 2012, when our founder Dr. Meiying Zhou began exploring plant-based enzymes as a way to create better beauty products for her TCM clients seeking skin and personal wellness treatments. She had been making her own skin and body care products for decades when she discovered the ancient practice of plant fermentation as a solution for restoring the skin's natural microbiome and barrier. She developed Dr.Enzyme to make these restorative products available to a wider audience.

Dr.Enzyme cleansers are “soap-free”. Fermented soapnuts, tea seeds and honey locust form the basis of all our cleansers. 

You may find these plants unfamiliar, however the Chinese civilization have used them for centuries for cleaning purposes before fat+lye-based soap began to dominate in the Industrial Revolution. We want to
bring back the ancient, natural way of cleansing, inspired by our ancestors, adapted to modern living.

Today Dr. Enzyme is a family business, bringing together expertise from New York, Switzerland, and Singapore to make curated products available to people across Singapore, all while maintaining small-batch, handcrafted plant fermentation for every product.