Living Plant Enzyme Remedies,
Rooted in Ancestral Chinese Herbology.

We are a holistic living plant enzyme based soapery, offering personal care products that are plant-based and toxin-free. With over three decades of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our founder Dr. Meiying Zhou developed our signature formulas. They are based on Chinese medicine philosophy of harmony and balance, with an emphasis on fermentation and enzyme activation. With natural balancing in mind, our products are suitable for all skin types.

“Soap Free” Fermented Plants Cleansers  

Dr.Enzyme cleansers are “soap-free”. Our cleansing ingredients are fermented botanicals (soapnuts, tea seeds and honeylocust are the cleansing trio basis of all our cleansers). You may find these plants unfamiliar, however the Chinese civilization have used them for centuries for cleaning purposes before the introduction of fat+lye based soap post Industrial Revolution. We want to bring back the ancient, natural way of cleansing, inspired by our ancestors, adapted to modern living.

The Cleansing Trio: SoapNuts, Honeylocust, Tea Seeds.

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