Hair Wash 

for all hair types

Our nutrient-rich therapeutic Hair Wash is formulated with many super roots and herbs. The Ancestral Chinese herbology formula gently heals and restores the natural balance and metabolism of the scalp.

280 ml  /  500 ml

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Hair Wash

洗发露 (干性发质)
for dry, damaged or coloured Hair

A more nourishing variation of our classic Hair Wash. With added tea seed oil and aloe vera infused coconut oil, this Hair Wash repairs damaged hair follicles and scalp while protecting hair dye colours. Its healing and restorative properties repair and nourish our scalp and hair, bringing forth health and shine. 
280 ml  /  500 ml

Ginseng Enzyme Oil


Our natural ginseng enzyme facial oil is non-greasy, thin, moisturizing, silky smooth texture. Use it as your daily moisturizer or a night serum. Full of anti-oxidants, it is nourishing and helps even out skin tones and reduces fine lines.
30 ml