Inspired by our ancestors, adapted to modern living

Dr.Enzyme is a family project that spans 3 countries and 2 continents.

Our Singapore dwelling founder, Dr. Zhou is the Chinese medicine herbalist with over 20 years of experiences behind the formulas. Dr. Zhou’s daughter, Xi Chen, residing in Brooklyn, New York, is co-founder. The illustrations ornamenting the labels are created by NY-based Swiss artist Stephane Rodriguez, who is also Xi’s partner. Min Min, is our operation manager, who takes care of all the operation needs and makes sure the orders get to you in their best condition. Min Min and Xi met in Singapore when they were 14.

Fermented Plants Cleansers      

Our cleansing ingredients are fermented botanicals (soapnuts, tea seeds and honeylocust are the cleansing trio basis of all our cleansers). Our founder, Dr.Zhou recalls childhood memories of cleansing her hair, body, and clothes by the river with such plants when she lived in a small village in the south of China back in the 1960s and 70s.

The Cleansing Trio: SoapNuts, Honeylocust, Tea Seeds

About Soap 

Fat-Based Soap

Conventional soaps main ingredients are fat with an alkaline solution.  When used for cleaning, soap solubilizes particles and grime, which can then be separated from the article being cleaned.

The process of making fat based soap usually entails turning fats (vegetable or animal) into glycerin with the help of an alkaline solution, often lye or sodium hydroxide.

Plants as Soap
In ancient China, a detergent similar to soap was made from the seeds of Gleditsia Sinensis (Chinese Honeylocust). It was ground and mixed with various spices to form mandarin sized balls to clean your face, body and hair.

In many folk records, soapnuts and other plants were also in use as detergents for household and personal cleaning purposes.